Rear wishbone arm repairs


I needed to remove the rear backing plates for some rear wishbone arm repairs. I dread dealing with the E-brake lever return springs and the tight quarters surrounding the e-brake and service brake clevis pins and cotters behind the rear backing plates.


A HUGE time saver and frustration reliever was to:


Disconnect the service and e-brake rods at the cross shafts rather than at the rear behind the backing plates. After the rear wishbone arms are removed the entire backing plate assembly can be removed with the brake rods attached to the lever arms. No fooling around with the hard to reach clevis pins and e-brake lever return springs. Eezee Squeezee.


Also, I have learned to back off the brake shoe adjuster the same number of clicks (perhaps 20 clicks) and noting that number somewhere before removing the brake drums. Upon reassembly, just tighten the adjuster the same number of clicks (20 per above example) and your brake shoes are adjusted just as they were before dis assembly (assuming no changes were made to the brake rods).


Hope these short cuts can save others some time.